Rug Doctor vs. Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

This is a direct comparison of the Rug Doctor and the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. Click for more information. I chose to compare the machines on…

15 thoughts on “Rug Doctor vs. Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

  1. Good video,what would be interesting is if you could repeat the test but swap the chemicals over,bissel with rug doctor and rug doctor with bissels brand cleaner ,thanks

  2. False. The lever you are referring to is the release lever on the handle, not the button you press to activate the brush on the machine. The button for the brush is on the backside of the handle, which you cannot even see from the perspective of the video. Sorry, but you are absolutely wrong. Since you need help understanding all of this, feel free to educate yourself by watching the video Rug Doctor has explaining how to use the machine – “Rug Doctor – How To Use A Rug Doctor”

  3. check step by step de video the man on right even dont’ know how to use a rug doctor never activates the switch on top the machine to start run the brush

  4. No no no fíjense bien que el hombrecillo de la derecha ni siquiera acciona el botón  de cepillado.,además este hombrecillo no leyó las instrucciones de la máquina rug doctor ya que no trabajan hacia enfrente este video trata de coacionarte a tomar una desicion errónea ya que son 2 máquinas diferentes en el sistema de cepillado,revisen bien las especificaciones de cada una y verán lo corrupto y desleal de este video

  5. The thing, with the bissell is, that it works great for about 2 month then it starts breaking. I have owed two bissell and I will never go back to it. I bought a rug doctor might pro x3 and it is working great, I have had it for 2 1/5 month now and it still working well.. The rating I would give the bissell is 2 out of 10, the rug doctor I would give it a 10 out of 10..

  6. A valid question. The Bissell is a year old and has been used frequently. I do not know how old the Rug Doctor is. I borrowed it from a friend. I do know that the Rug Doctor was in great shape and showed very little sign of wear. It also appeared to function correctly, based on what I know about the machine. Whatever that’s worth!

  7. My only thought is that the Bissell is probably brand new, since it only recently became available to rent, whereas that Rug Doctor has been available to rent for years and may be an older machine. If they were both brand new machines, I bet that would make a difference, but for now, I’d go with the Bissell. Thanks for the info! It helped me make my decision!

  8. We followed the directions given by Rug Doctor. Please see their video explaining how to use their machine. A “full pass” using the Rug Doctor is pulling backwards over an area one time. Also, we gave the Rug Doctor three additional passes.

  9. I would like to see 2 full passes from bissel, compared to not dry lapping the Rug Doctor but rather turn it 180 and pull back in both directions for two full passes.. That would be an even comparison.

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